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If their ingredients are better, why isn’t their pizza better?

Maggies Pizza is proud to serve up the most authentic Italian food in Mount Druitt. If it is pizza that you want, that is what you will find. We have a range of traditional and unique creations alike that have been satisfying our patrons for years. Just choose your toppings and prepare to have a feast.

At Maggies Pizza, we use only the best deli meats and freshest of vegetables, and we cook each pizza as it is ordered. If you want something a bit lighter, we have a range of tasty salads as well.

Although the usual Italian pizza varieties are available throughout Australia, they often have richer toppings than in Italy. The Aussie variety is a pizza that is topped with a base of barbecue sauce, mozzarella cheese, bits of chopped bacon, and a few eggs.

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